Predictors of Stroke Recovery

About the Study 

This study examines the association between language abilities, musical training and brain structure.  The study is recruiting two groups of participants: those who have experienced a stroke and resulting language loss (aphasia), and persons who do not have a history of stroke or other neurological involvement and are in the approximate age range of the stroke group (normal controls).

This study involves:

  • 1) filling out a history questionnaire prior to the testing date
  • 2) performing computer-based tasks where you will make judgments about sentences and musical sequences (about 1 hour)
  • 3) obtaining an MRI scan (about 1 hour)

Duration of the study for normal controls is approximately two hours, and for stroke survivors is about five-six sessions of two hours each spread over 6-8 months (because we are interested in recovery over time).  


Normal controls will be compensated a total of $30 ($20 for MRI and $10 for behavioral testing).

Stroke survivors will receive $20 for every testing session. A report of language and cognitive test results will be provided. 

Participation Requirements 

Normal controls:

over 45 years
native English speakers
no history of neurological or psychiatric conditions
normal hearing
normal (or corrected to normal) vision
free of any non-removable metal.

Stroke survivors:

over 18 years
preferably 2-4 months after stroke
native English speakers
no neurological conditions other than stroke
free of any non-removable metal.

Interested and/or have questions? 

Email us at or call the Aphasia Research Center (301) 405-2477. 

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