MRIThe Maryland Neuroimaging Center is available to researchers from the University of Maryland and other regional centers. 
Available for use on-site:

  • Functional MRI Stimulation and
 Response Recording System
  • Real-Time Motion Tracking

  • MR BioPac
  • Physiological Recording System

    • ECG * RESP * PPG * GSR * CO2/O2
  • High-Quality Auditory System
  • Noise-Cancelling Microphone
  • IT Facilities for Imaging
    • DICOM Server *Data Analysis Lab*
  • Eye-Tracking
  • Infrared Particpant Monitoring
  • Response Devices

Current research fosters collaboration among neuroscientists, psychologists, cognitive scientists, engineers, and physicists.

Steps for Conducting Research at the Maryland Neuroimaging Center

*Research must meet IRB requirements

Seed Grants are also available to sponsor UMD faculty use of the MRI scanner for the purpose of acquiring funding from an outside agency. Contact Sandy Collier at for more information.


Undergraduate students

Contact for available research opportunies.



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