Maryland Neuroimaging Center Collaborates with Division of Information Technology

By Sridhar Gopalaswami
Published: Tuesday, November 6, 2012


The Maryland Neuroimaging Center (MNC) is an interdisciplinary effort by the Neuroscience and Cognitive Science Program (NACS) and home for neuroimaging research at the University of Maryland. The center brings together an array of state-of-the-art tools for observing the human brain in action. Housed in a spacious new facility in the Gudelsky Building, adjacent to the main campus in College Park, the MNC has been designed to foster collaboration among behavioral scientists, biologists, cognitive scientists, computer scientists, engineers, neuroscientists, physicists, and other experts across the university.

During the planning stages of this major initiative in 2010, the MNC Executive Committee approached the Division of Information Technology to jointly determine how best to provide IT services for the center. Representatives from multiple departments within the division collaborated with researchers and planners from the center to understand the scope of the project and the specific IT-related requirements of the new facility. Division staff also looked at similar infrastructures at comparable universities.

The MNC facility houses a Siemens Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) unit, and the challenge was to design and build an IT environment that would enable MNC researchers to easily transfer, store, organize, and share images recorded by the machine. The resulting infrastructure includes a virtual machine (VM) running Red Hat Enterprise Linux with storage provided by an EMC Isilon Network Attached Storage device. PacsOne software installed on the Linux VM provides the mechanism for transferring images from the MRI unit console (using the industry standard DICOM protocol) to the storage device where researchers view and manipulate their images. The infrastructure has been operational since September 2011, and the division continues to provide technical support and system enhancements as requested.  Read More

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